Crazy Corporate Communications!

Befuddled and bewildered by the jargon used by corporate honchos? I have attempted to decipher:

 ‘Hit the ground running’:  (beat around the bush);

‘Think out of the box’:  (brains have fallen out);

‘Push the envelope’:  (with own agendas inside);

‘Pick the low hanging fruits’:  (dwarfs all of them);

‘Get into the loop’:  (to get out of poop);

‘Zero sum games’:  (blame games);

‘On the back burner’:  (disguised procrastination);

‘No free lunch’:  (but breakfast at Tiffany’s n dinner on the Dreamliner are ‘de jure’);

‘Best practices’:  (of the worst kind);

‘Ball-park figure’:  (keep figuring out);

‘Game Changer’:  (day-dream presented as panacea);

‘Topline n Bottomline’:  (can neither reach nor touch).

Peculiar & Perplexing indeed!

(Disclaimer: not intended to offend anyone’s sentiments. Written in lighter vein)