Guilty are those who impose Guilt !

For hiding their own guilt or guilty-conscience, some people perpetually impose guilt on others…in ways subtle or crude. They swing like pendulum from being extremely aggressive to wearing sorrow on their sleeves. They resort to emotional blackmail, portray themselves as pathetic losers, and sport underdog’s hangdog expression. Else they shout and sulk; throw threats, taunts and tantrums; issue ultimatums, lock themselves, become incommunicado, inflict injuries and abuses on themselves, and leave home food untouched (but hog secretly).

They play victim to victimize. Those who impose guilt are the ones who are guilty. Let’s not be guilty of feeling guilty due to someone else’s guilt.

Guilty Sulking

Of Hypocrisy

To hide their own guilty conscious,

some of those who pen poetry about pain…and complain of  hurt, n insults n such,

are actually the ones who indulge in betrayal, cheating, deceit, fraud and treachery….

by faking…by ingenious lies.

Hypocrisy comes naturally to them !

But as Oscar Wilde said:

“the secret of life is to appreciate the pleasure of being terribly deceived.”