Life Abbreviated !

Brevity is the soul of wit, but reduced to abbreviations aren’t we at our wits’ end?

Bitter or sweeter….communications are shorter n smaller. As they swarm all facets of our life, abbreviations, acronyms and initialisms confuse, confound and control, but there is no escape.

As men appropriate by playing GOLF (Gentlemen Only Ladies Forbidden), undaunted ladies have moved from FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) to JOMO (Joy of Missing Out).

In SOML (Story Of My Life), I am never IRL (Me In Real Life). As I DFTBA (Don’t Forget To Be Awesome) coz am 2H2H (Too Hot To Handle), LMK (Let Me Know) DAE (Does Anyone Else?)

Today none is CBGAILY (Caught Between Goodbye And I love You), and in the nano-second relationships it takes no time to traverse from  KMYF (Kiss Me You Fool) to BFK (Big Fat Kiss) to H&K (Hugs & Kisses) to KMA (Kiss My A..).

We are pinned to PINs, swindled at ATMs, and promise of WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) doesn’t give what we see. CAA, NRC and NRP: Some insist AOA (All Of Above) and some shout NOTA (None Of The Above).

I am not JK (Just Kidding) when electronic mirth flows infinitely with LOL (Laughing Out Loud) and we are ROFL (Rolling On the Floor Laughing) and I end up LMAO (Laughing My Ass Off).

Rarely F2F (Face to Face), we are at our laconic best with HMU (Hit Me Up). BTW (By The Way), TIC (Tongue in Cheek) some say ASL (Age, Sex, Location) do not matter for YOLO (You Only Live Once), and so what if you are MIA (Missing in Action).

But not so long ago, the only beauties in mass circulation (whether AM or PM) were OK (which never was), RSVP (which no one followed) and PTO (which none did)    : )

P.S. Though politically incorrect, I suffer from RSS (Reverse Snobbery Syndrome) and now I put FUTAB (Feet Up n Take A Break).


Of Quirky Queries and Befuddling Replies!

While still in semi-slumber and awake with one eye this wet Sunday morning, a comment made by someone last evening: “I know where are you coming from”….. put me on high alert. .….Oh God, how the hell this fellow knows about my secret rendezvous? Seems like an understated and understanding remark, but how bewildering and frightening!

The thought made me think of myriad hilarious, wacky & weird exchanges of the outlandish kind we encounter daily. Sample a few:

When well-being is inquired:  “How are you’’, one promptly self-certifies the character with a perplexing “I am good”! Oh my goodness! …….OR….. brings the temperature down with an amusing and unassuming …‘’Cool, am cool” (reminiscent of “name is Bond, James Bond )…..but buddy, I never felt any heat emanating from your body!

And the crazy n constant  “cool it, chill, just chill” commands from the ever so cold n bold freeze us instantly…..who needs Antarctica!

How “awesome” or “awful” it is when all products, persons, places and pass-times are either “awful” or “awesome”. Nothing in between, not even passions or perceptions!

When a stunning woman crosses causing you to croon n cry….”Ohhh she is so hot”, why run after her and end up having burn marks on your body, soul and psyche?

And can’t beat this bizarre interrogation: “ Hey, how are you doing ?”…….. the startled reaction is: but how can I reveal the “hows” of my doings resulting in my undoing!

I remain amazed and astonished….. like an Open Mouth!