There is a difference between what we force ourselves to think what makes us happy and what makes us happy.

We weave a web of artificiality around us with threads of self-deception constantly seeking approval, affirmation and admiration outside, from others, from reflected glory, rather than from our inner self, our own core.

Very often we do and say things in order to prove to ourselves and to showcase to others that we belong, we are part of: “the happening, the in, the cool”, that we have arrived. We mindlessly ape, fake, run after the pseudo.

Whiling away time on the false n frivolous, shallow n superficial, there is not a while to spend on the important, the worthy…that which is fulfilling and those who matter. We search far n wide for what we ourselves extinguish what is inside and immediate….our priorities in people, places n pass-times.

Is this really what we want? Have we lost it all?

Joy from a child’s unadulterated laughter, re-reading umpteenth time that favourite book in tatters which warms the cockles of the heart, rhapsody of that uplifting symphony, magic of the silent fireside moments spent with parents, nostalgic scent of the first rain, camaraderie of sharing a stale joke for the Nth time with back-slapping buddies in worn out tees over chai pakoda, sinfully savouring stolen chocolate well past midnight, or the liberating feeling of breaking into a shower-dance to the tune of Rod Stewart’s “some guys have all the luck…”….Ladies n Gentlemen, if that is not bliss what is ?

Face it…not everything can be found on Facebook, we can’t order happiness on Swiggy, and we can’t Google Joy!

Let’s regain the paradise lost!